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"Doug Back wowed the crowd with his amazing classic five-string banjo technique,
All Frets Magazine, 2009

As a performer, Doug Back is a marvel to listen to. His performance of classic five-string banjo music at the  2002 FIGA convention in New Orleans brought the audience to its feet.
Johnny Baier-editor FIGA magazine (Fretted Instrument Guild of America)

A Stunning Performance!-2003 FIGA Convention Review- Johnny Baier -FIGA magazine (Fretted
Instrument Guild of America)

Doug's Herculean efforts were much appreciated by the audience, as evidenced by the standing ovation
he received.
Ruth Westlake-The 5-Stringer (2003)

The evening's final entertainer-Doug Back from Montgomery, Alabama. Doug plays classic banjo and
his virtuosity hushed an impressed audience...until he stopped playing! An immediate standing ovation showed how well his performance was received.
Birmingham Banjo Bash 2002 review-Carl Swickley -FIGA magazine

The 'F & F Club hosted a visit to Bristol of Doug Back the Top-Class, Finger Style Banjo player from
Alabama, America who gave an outstanding performance, both as a soloist and when accompanied by
Danielle Saxon-Reeves, who is an up and coming British player/teacher of the Banjo..
John R T Hopes, mandolinist and Musical Director Bristol Frets and Friends Fretted Orchestra,
Bristol, England

A wonderful evening was spent listening to the 5-string banjo fingerstyle of Doug and Danielle.  Doug in his dinner suit and bow tie was brilliant and it was like stepping back 100 years to the 'old' shows  hearing pieces from that era.
Tony Counter, banjoist and Chairman Bristol F&F

Dear Julian, Many thanks for arranging yet another Bath Banjo Festival. ..I enjoyed the concert
especially Doug Back, his playing was stunning.
Dorothy Cosh -letter to the editor-The Banjoists' Broadsheet

The person I think that stood out also was a chap by the name of Doug Back. When Doug played, his
songs were was quite a performance I was really impressed.
Larry Schoffro -The Fretter Newsletter (Toronto Canada)

After you played, three guys sold their banjos an left the rally! It is obvious you have the technique and
talent to take the banjo beyond what anyone else has done. I was impressed (read as 'blown away') by
your playing."
Elias Kaufman editor The 5-Stringer

A commendable merger of scholarship and performance. Thoroughly entertaining!
Richard Long-Soundboard magazine (1996)

Back is possibly the world's most able performer of these neglected works.(Music of William Foden)
Bill Ash-St. Louis Guitar Notes (1992)

The technique needed to play arrangements like those is truly amazing!
John Hartford-Host of Nashville Public Radio's syndicated "Fingerstyle Guitar" concert program.     (1995)

One of America's Fine Young Virtuoso Performers of Guitar.
South Coast Register (NSW, Australia) (1994)

Mr. Saller sang "Deh vieni alla finestra " from Mozart's Don Giovanni.. ably featuring mandolin in
the accompaniment by Douglas Back.
Jim Conley-The Montgomery Advertiser (2002) Review of Montgomery Symphony Orchestra.

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This is possibly the best banjo CD to come my way!
CD review, The Banjo Goes Highbrow, Albert Lyle The Banjo (UK)

Back's artistry and technique on this CD is outstanding. His lightning finger-style playing smoothly
negotiates the challenging Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov...This CD establishes Douglas
Back in the same class as past banjo greats such as Alfred Farland, Parke Hunter and Frederick J. Bacon
to whom the CD is dedicated.
CD review, The Banjo Goes Highbrow, Lowell Schreyer -All Frets Magazine

I was blown away by your CD! I have never before heard single string playing like that!
"The Banjo Goes Highbrow" comments by Don Van Palta-National 4-String Banjo Hall of Fame Inductee

This album should be required listening for any concert artist insterested in the All-American programs that have become popular as of late.
CD review, American Pioneers of the Classic Guitar-John Schneider-Soundboard Magazine

These pieces are all show stoppers, intended to 'bring the house down.' Uncompromisingly virtuosic, they are replete with florid embellishments and inventive variations. He handles the embellishments with verve, fearlessly attacking each new passage (there is much to fear here, for a performer!)..Mr. Back's performances are deft. He has a clear understanding of the pieces, their rhythmic characters, and plays with crisp articulation.
CD review, American Pioneers of the Classic Guitar-Benjamin Moran-Guitar Review Magazine

A valuable historic document, a curiosity, and a lot of fun. Douglas Back... plays it all with huge gusto and no little ability... I hope he will give us more slices of American history.
CD review, American Pioneers of the Classic Guitar-Colin Cooper-Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)