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                            The Banjo Goes Highbrow -CD Belmando Records (BMS3003-2)

Featuring characteristic banjo works & virtuoso classical pieces as arranged and composed by the great 5-string banjo masters of yesteryear: Farland, Bacon, Hunter, Van Eps, Morley, etc.

Album Includes: Flight of the Bumblebee, Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Poet and Peasant Overture, Hungarian Rhapsody, West Lawn Polka & much more!

This is probably the best banjo CD to come my way.
Albert Lyle, The Banjo (UK)

I was blown away by your CD!  I have never before heard single string playing like that!
Don Van Palta, National 4-String Banjo Hall of Fame Inductee
The Big Trio Reprise-CD Belmando Records (BM53001-2)


Douglas Back-banjo, Richard Walz-mandolin, Andrew Zohn-guitar

At the beginning of the 20th century, three virtuoso musicians, Fred Bacon on banjo, Giueseppe Pettine on mandolin and William Foden on guitar enthused audiences during a major national tour of the USA playing inspired arrangements of popular classical pieces. Their magic has been recreated here by three leading contemporary performers. Includes: Manzanillo, Orpheus Overture,
Anitra's Tanz, La Tipica Polka, Operatic Medley, and six others.

As recounted in the excellent liner notes by Douglas Back, the superb banjo player on this disc, there was a "golden age" of concertizing by trios of banjo, mandolin, and guitar players. The most famous of these was the "Big Trio" of William Foden, Giuseppe Pettine, and Frederick Bacon that crisscrossed the United States from 1911-1912, playing programs similar to the one on this disc... For a pleasantly nostalgic change-of-pace, as well as a fascinating look into a rarely explored musical genre, look no further than this worthy disc. The sound is vivid, as if the "Big Trio" were right in the room with me. Bravo!
James Camner, Fanfare Magazine

The Supreme example of musical quality in a fretted instrument ensemble.
Lowell Schreyer, FIGA magazine

The ensemble playing of the The Big Trio Reprise is, in fact, wonderful... Back's tremolo is unequalled by modern players; for those trying to master this difficult technique there is no finer example available today. His control of timing, dynamics, and color, all while maintaining machine-gun rapidness of execution, is hair raising.
Geoff Freed, The 5-Stringer

This CD provides evocative and interesting music from accomplished performers and a fascinating insight into an almost forgotten period of musical history....I shall certainly be playing it regularly, both for enjoyment and to learn.
Julian Vincent, The Banjoists' Broadsheet (UK)
Doug's Belmando Recordings can be ordered  from Belmando Productions (UK)  email-
[email protected], they (along with Doug's other recordings), may be ordered direct from Doug for  $15.00 postpaid (overseas add $4.00 postage).  Send check or money order to: Douglas Back, 1345 Dunbarton Rd. Montgomery, AL 36117, USA  email: [email protected]
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DROOLIN BANJOS-Lullabies for Babies-CD  Deep Woods Music CD003BL

Doug Back and Rik Lovelady
A perfect gift idea for parents, grandparents, baby showers, or for those who simply enjoy easy, relaxing music

In the hands of two master musicians, the banjo is transformed into an instrument that is both tender and beautiful, a perfect match for these lullabies.

A portion of the proceeds from this CD goes to St. Jude Children's Hospital

To Listen to the CD and to order please go to
Contains:  All Through the Night, French Lullaby, Barcarolle, Danny Boy, Donkey Laugh, Edelweiss, Welcome to Life, Gynopedie, Hush a Bye, Lovely Hula Hands, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Russian Lullaby, A Summer Night-Lullaby, Traumerie, Tumbalalaika.

This CD is one of those rare finds in the banjo world. I'm so impressed, I'm almost in tears-thank you, thank you, thank you!
CD review-Eddy Davis (musical director of Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band)- The Resonator

With a scintillating combination of tenor, plectrum and classic five-string banjos along with bouzouki, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica and synthesizer, Back and Lovelady have crafted an extraordinarily interesting banjo recording...Bravo Doug and Rik
CD review-Johnny Baier-All Frets magazine

This is a very fine multi-instrumental effort by two very talented and dedicated ABF members. The duet and multi-tracked playing is sensitive and beautifully done.
CD review-Eli Kaufman-The 5-Stringer