Josiah Bartlett Family Tree

Josiah Bartlett Family Tree: Tracing the Ancestry of an American Patriot, Josiah Bartlett was a prominent American statesman and a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence. Born in 1729 in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Bartlett later moved to Kingston, New Hampshire, where he became a physician and a leading figure in local politics. He served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and played a key role in the American Revolution. He also served as the governor of New Hampshire and was appointed to the United States Senate.

Josiah Bartlett Family Tree

Bartlett’s family history is a fascinating tale of migration, war, and political intrigue. His ancestors were among the first settlers of Massachusetts, and his grandfather, Richard, fought in King Philip’s War in 1675. Josiah’s father, Stephen, was a farmer and a local politician who served as a justice of the peace and a selectman in Amesbury.

To trace the Bartlett family tree, we can start with Richard Bartlett, Josiah’s great-grandfather. Richard was born in 1610 in Wiltshire, England, and immigrated to Massachusetts in the early 1630s. He settled in Newbury, where he married and had children. Richard’s son, Samuel, was born in 1641 and became a carpenter and a farmer. Samuel’s son, Nathaniel, was born in 1683 and served as a lieutenant in the Massachusetts militia during the French and Indian War.

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Nathaniel’s son, Stephen, was Josiah’s father. Stephen was born in 1691 and married Hannah Webster in 1714. They had eight children, including Josiah, who was born in 1729. Josiah married Mary Bartlett (who was his second cousin) in 1754, and they had twelve children.

The Bartlett family tree includes several other notable figures. Josiah’s cousin, John Bartlett, was a soldier who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolution. Josiah’s son, Ezra Bartlett, was a physician who served in the United States Army during the War of 1812. Another son, Peter Bartlett, was a lawyer and a judge who served in the New Hampshire legislature.

Today, the Bartlett family has many descendants who can trace their ancestry back to Josiah Bartlett and his forebears. Genealogy enthusiasts can use a variety of resources to research their family history, including census records, church records, and family archives. There are also many online tools and databases that can help with genealogical research, including and

Josiah Bartlett was an American physician and statesman who served as the third governor of New Hampshire. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and played a key role in shaping the early years of the United States.

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Bartlett was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in 1729, and his family tree can be traced back several generations. His father was a farmer and shoemaker, and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Bartlett was the fourth of nine children and grew up in a religious household. His parents were Congregationalists, and their faith had a strong influence on his upbringing.

Bartlett studied medicine in Philadelphia and later set up his own practice in Kingston, New Hampshire. He quickly became involved in local politics and was elected to the colonial assembly in 1765. Bartlett was a vocal opponent of British rule and actively supported the American Revolution. He served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

After the war, Bartlett returned to New Hampshire and was elected governor in 1790. He served in this position for six years and was known for his strong leadership and dedication to public service. Bartlett continued to practice medicine throughout his political career and was widely respected for his medical knowledge and expertise.

Today, Josiah Bartlett is remembered as one of the founding fathers of the United States and a key figure in American history. His family tree, which includes several generations of farmers, merchants, and politicians, is a testament to his legacy and the contributions of his ancestors. Those interested in learning more about the Bartlett family tree can find a wealth of information online or through genealogical research.

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The Bartlett family tree is a testament to the resilience and determination of early American settlers, who endured many hardships to build a new nation. Josiah Bartlett’s legacy as a patriot and a leader is an inspiration to his descendants and to all Americans who value freedom and democracy.