Lady Diana Spencer Family Tree

Lady Diana Spencer Family Tree

Lady Diana Spencer, also known as Princess Diana, was a beloved member of the British royal family who captivated the hearts of millions around the world. Her family tree is a fascinating look into the history and lineage of one of the most famous women of the 20th century.

Diana Spencer was born on July 1, 1961, in Sandringham, England, as the daughter of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Roche. Her parents divorced when she was just eight years old, and her father was awarded custody of her and her siblings. After her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer, Diana became Lady Diana Spencer.

Lady Diana Spencer’s paternal family tree is steeped in aristocratic history. Her father, John Spencer, was the eighth Earl Spencer, and his family had been an important part of British nobility for centuries. Diana’s great-grandfather, Charles Spencer, was the sixth Earl Spencer, and he served as the Lord Chamberlain of Queen Victoria’s household. Her grandfather, Albert Spencer, was the seventh Earl Spencer and served as the Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II.

On her mother’s side, Lady Diana Spencer’s family tree is equally fascinating. Frances Roche was the daughter of Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy, and his wife, Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy. Ruth Roche was a close friend and lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Frances’ family had a long history of service to the British crown, and her father served as an equerry to both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Lady Diana Spencer’s marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 catapulted her to international fame and made her a member of the British royal family. Together, they had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. However, their marriage was fraught with difficulties, and the couple divorced in 1996, just one year before Diana’s tragic death in a car accident in Paris.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer Family Tree

Lady Diana Frances Spencer, as she was known before her marriage to Prince Charles, had a fascinating family tree that included many notable figures and historical connections.

Starting with her father, John Spencer, the eighth Earl Spencer, Lady Diana’s paternal family tree can be traced back to the 15th century, with ancestors who held various titles, including Dukes and Earls. Her great-great-great-grandfather was John Spencer, who founded the Spencer family fortune through successful textile manufacturing. Lady Diana’s grandfather, Albert Spencer, was the seventh Earl Spencer and a close friend of King George VI. He also served as Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II.

On her maternal side, Lady Diana’s family tree was just as interesting. Her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was the daughter of the 4th Baron Fermoy, Edmund Maurice Burke Roche. The Fermoy family was deeply connected to the royal family, with Frances’ mother, Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, serving as a close confidante to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

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Interestingly, Lady Diana’s maternal grandmother, Ruth Roche, was also the daughter of a titled aristocrat, the 3rd Baron Fermoy, and his wife, a wealthy American heiress. Lady Diana’s mother’s side also had American connections, as her maternal great-grandmother was the daughter of an American millionaire.

Through her marriage to Prince Charles, Lady Diana became a part of the royal family and had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Her family tree intertwined with that of the royal family, as many of her ancestors and relatives had served as advisors, friends, and confidantes to various monarchs over the centuries.

Diana Spencer Famous Relatives

Lady Diana Spencer had several famous relatives, including notable figures from British history and the world of entertainment.

One of her most famous relatives was Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who led the country through World War II. Churchill was Diana’s first cousin twice removed, and they shared a common ancestor in the 2nd Duke of Marlborough. Diana was also related to other prominent British figures, such as the 19th century Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone and the poet Lord Byron.

In the world of entertainment, Lady Diana was related to several notable figures. Her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, was married to Neil McCorquodale, who was the nephew of author and playwright J.M. Barrie, best known for creating the character of Peter Pan. Diana was also related to actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, through her paternal grandmother, Cynthia Spencer, who was Hepburn’s aunt.

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Another famous relative of Lady Diana was Princess Alice of Battenberg, her maternal grandmother. Princess Alice was the mother of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and was known for her humanitarian work during World War II. She also founded a nursing order of Greek Orthodox nuns and was later recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” for her efforts to save Jewish families during the war.

In addition to these famous relatives, Lady Diana had several notable connections through her marriage to Prince Charles. She was the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and the sister-in-law of Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

In conclusion, Lady Diana Spencer had a fascinating family tree that included several famous and influential relatives. From her aristocratic lineage to her connections to historical figures and famous entertainers, her family tree is a testament to her rich and diverse ancestry. Despite her untimely death, her legacy and impact on British history and culture continue to be felt to this day.